Sunday, 27 May 2012


The lonely soul wanders
Alone in the walks of life
No other soul as his companion
The lonely soul wanders

Alone in the daybreak
He does his duties
In the walks of life
The lonely soul wanders

Alone in the life
He meets many other souls
Who comes to be
Unfit for the lonely soul
The lonely soul wanders

As the days pass by
The lonely soul became
More lonely, with no other
souls as his companion
The lonely soul wanders

Alone in the walks of life
The lonely soul decides
Not to die, but to face
Life in all its hardships
The lonely soul wanders

Facing all hardships alone
No one to care for him
In the life full of struggle
The lonely soul wanders

All alone in the street
Walking alone towards home
No one to share the joy and pain
To laugh or to cry is now all alone
The lonely soul wanders

Sleeping for the dream
Or dream to sleep
Is a big confusion
When he is all alone at night
The lonely soul wanders

The morning changes all the day
The sorrow, the pain vanishes away
The new day the new smile
The new companions the new faces
But still, the lonely soul wanders.. 


Wn I'll b dead,
ur tears may flow,
Bt I won't know,
cry for me now,

Wn I'll b dead,
U'll snd flowers.
Bt I wont c,
snd dm nw,

Wn i'll d dead,
U'll say wrds of praise
Bt I wont hear,
praise me nw,

Wn i'll b dead,
U'll 4gt m faults,
Bt I wont know,
4gt dm nw,

Wn i'll b dead,
U'll miss me den,
Bt I wont feel,
so miss me now, instead.!!

Wn I'll b dead,
U wud wish den,
U cus hv spnt sm mr tym wd me,
Spend it wd me nw, instead.!!


Every opportunity comes but once
Grasp it while we can
A chance to do good and
Spread the Word whenever we can

As we go through life's journey
Appreciate things try not to worry
If we can help do not sigh
Opportunity once gone we cannot find

Things here today can be gone tomorrow
Beautiful structures easily turn to rubble
A lovely smile we see today
Can tomorrow be far away


For every time you’ve listened
And for every caring thought.
For loving me just as I am –
Despite what I’m not.
For giving your opinions
And for never being judged.
For every vote of confidence
And every gentle nudge.
For all the many generous ways –
A soul mate and a friend.
So in return I give to you
My Love that’ll never end.

"I Never Meant To Say Goodbye!!"

You’ll never really know how much you meant to me
My heart will be with you until the end just wait and see...

I feel far from what would seem close
And close to what would seem far...

When I die I don’t want you to cry
Just keep your head up high
and your dreams to the sky...


Shadows passed away when dreamed of flashback..
Got shattered when turned back to see you..
Dreamed to share a year more with you guys..
But my luck broke me and forced me to miss you..
To miss you all again and again.... :(

When watched a slide show of the last days..
I was surprised to see all smiling faces..
Dreamed I could still smile with you guys..
But my luck broke me and forced me to miss you..
To miss you all again and again.... :(

Rewind and go back to those joyful days..
When we used to go college not just to study..
Dreamed of living those little moments again and again..
But my luck broke me and forced me to miss you..
To miss you all again and again.... :(

"WHY AM I???????"

This world is like a dream, where everyone sees a dream and tries to weave the threads of dream into the cloth of reality. I may sound a bit abstruse to you guys but this is what I always think. We all are born with some innate qualities which are the important aspects of our personality-our inner personality- because our outer personality is heavily influenced by the kind of culture, circle of friends and the kind of things we get to see. in fact each and every aspects of ours is influenced and covered up by mask of superiority which confines us to the bitterly hostile world where everywhere I see the vivid illustration of what one should do, how one should live, where one should go etc.etc
But have we all thought for a moment, why do we struggle so much to live a life which ends up with nothing but lots of enigma. There has been limited jurisdiction over it and some had the unfortunate oversight exhibiting the apparent paradox of being naturally talented and benign to others. But what does really matter is how long you carry yourself? And I always find myself in confusion asking these questions. Why I am not living in the way I want to, why I am following the herd? Why am I walking on the same road as thousands of others, why don’t I choose to be different? Am I also like them or something different is there in me? I have heard people saying that everyone is gifted with something special but the misery of my life is that till now I am not been able to recognize it whether I have something in me or not. Though I have some dancing, singing and debating talent in me, so what! Thousand of others too have it. then the question is what is that talent which is hidden and which I am not been able to find in me -the true self of mine- which will give me the satisfaction that okay, this is what I should do, this is what I love to do, when will the day come when I will get a feel that I am the happiest boy on this earth and I am happy with what I am doing. I wish this day come soon when I will be out of this confusion, when I will not be walking on the road chosen or built by others but rather will built something of my own and then will walk on it. I know that I can be happy if I do what I like, I don’t want to be forced and made to work by others but this so called society and the limitations of being a social animal confines me to do what I want. I am searching for the way to come out of it and probably I will be out of it very soon till than I pray to god to give me the strength and courage to stay focused.